Erase Your Toxic Footprint

Erase Your Toxic Footprint

So you know what your toxic footprint is, and you know we all leave one whenever we improperly dispose of our electronics. So what do you do to erase yours?

Pledge to Become an e-Stewards Emissary

e-Stewards Emissaries pledge to reduce, reuse and recycle their electronics responsibly. They spread the word about the harmful effects of e-waste and how exportation of this toxic stuff to developing nations is an environmental and social injustice. When you pledge to become an Emissary you’re becoming a part of a global movement picture to effect positive change for the environment and societies at home and abroad.

You can be part of our growing community of e-Stewards representatives by pledging to become an e-Stewards Emissary today.

When you pledge, you get your name and photo placed on our global map of emissaries, you will have access to our e-Stewards newsletter, a social networking badge to display your emissary status, access to up and coming events and forums, and received e=Stewards emissary eco-labels to place on the back of your phone and computers. You’ll be updated with the latest news on sustainability and what’s going with the e-waste problem, as well as downloads, contests and other perks.


Take the Pledge Today

I ________name_________ use information technology (IT), but as a participant in the information age, I pledge to protect the environment and promote social justice by using and patronizing e-Stewards certified recyclers and e-Stewards Enterprises. And I pledge to tell my friends, colleagues and family to do the same. When my electronic devices are ready to go, they will go to e-Stewards. Yes, I use IT, but I refuse to abuse with IT — I am an e-Stewards Emissary.

[I commit to the above pledge]  

Your choices matter. Pledge to make the right ones—become an e-Stewards Envoy.