How to Recycle Responsibly

Use an e-Stewards Recycler

Certified e-Stewards recyclers follow the highest global standard for environmental and social protection. When you drop your electronics off at an e-Stewards recycler, they’ll ensure:

  • Disposal options for toxic materials from e-waste are restricted, which means less pollutants in the environment and food chain.
  • Prohibitions are in place on use of prison and child labor in dismantling electronics. Ethical labor is a core part of our Standard.
  • No hazardous e-waste is allowed for export to developing nations from developed nations.
  • Protection for recycling workers in certified facilities. Protected workers are less at risk of toxic exposure, and from spreading that to the community.

There are many, many more details in the e-Stewards Standard, all of which a certified e-Stewards recycler must follow. This means you also adhere to the same high standards when you use a certified e-Stewards recycler.

Your choices matter. Pledge to make the right ones—become an e-Stewards Envoy.