Purchase the Standard

The e-Stewards Standard is available in full-length, review, and excerpted forms. You'll need to purchase the full Standard to get certified.

Full-Length Standard

The official e-Stewards Standard combined with the Sanctioned Interpretations of the e-Stewards Standard must be used for certification. The use of ISO 14001 proprietary language and its licensing from ISO requires a purchase price for the full standard. You'll receive one digital copy via e-mail, and may produce one hard copy.

Excerpted Standard

An excerpted version of the Standard is available containing all the industry-specific e-Stewards performance requirements but only summarizes the ISO requirements. This version may not be used for certification. This version is freely distributable.

Sanctioned Interpretations

Clarifications and interpretations of the Standard between formal revisions are kept in the Sanctioned Interpretations document. It’s intended for accreditation bodies, certification bodies, and candidate e-Stewards working with the e-Stewards Standard in the Final Verification process. Interpretations in this document are referenced for audits of e-Stewards candidate organizations against the e-Stewards Standard.