Auditing System

The auditing system is the system overlooking the auditing and certifying process. It includes:


  • accreditation bodies
  • certifying bodies
  • auditors


 Accreditation bodies certify certifying bodies, and auditors, trained by a third-party, certify companies to the e-Stewards standard.


As an e-Stewards candidate, you’ll be dealing only with certifying bodies (CB’s) and auditors.

Certifying Bodies

Certifying Bodies, CB’s, are the organizations that will certify your facility to the e-Stewards Standard—an integral step in becoming an e-Stewards recycler. You must contract with one of the below organizations to independently audit and certify all your company’s e-waste operations as conforming to the e-Stewards Standard.



Stacey L. Blazik

Paul Burck

John Fraser (Toronto, Canada)

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Arvada, Colorado, USA Independence, Ohio, USA    
Phone: (419) 370-1311
Fax: (267) 274-9900
Phone: (303) 645-4002 Phone: (800) 465-3717, ext. 8671    


The highest standard in e-waste recycling requires CB’s of the highest quality. CB’s qualified to certify and audit your facility must:

  • Be accredited by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), or another ESI-designed accreditation body, through a series of independent and ongoing reviews, audits, and witnessed assessments, as meeting the rigorous e-Stewards accreditation requirements.
  • Be accredited ISO 14001 certification bodies. Applicant certification bodies must be accredited by ANAB (or recognized national equivalents) to deliver ISO 14001 certifications for at least one year prior to application as an e-Stewards CB.
  • Meet the ISO/IEC 17021 requirements for bodies providing audits and certification of management systems.
  • Demonstrate a background in the electrical, electronics and recycling industries.
  • Have sufficient audit staff available who are trained and qualified according to a rigorous auditor training approved by ESI, and currently provided by SAI Global training division.
  • Have a working knowledge of the Basel Convention for Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal.


A Note on ISO 14001

e-Stewards candidates already ISO 14001 certified or registered may request that their ISO 14001 registration is transferred to the e-Stewards certification body so the ISO portion of the e-Stewards audit, if unnecessary, isn’t repeated in the first year.  


The high standards and qualifications required of e-Stewards auditors assure audits will be effective and the results reliable across the certification program.

Auditors who participate in this program are qualified according to requirements in ANAB’s Accreditation Rule #33 and ISO 19011, “Guidelines for quality and/or environmental management systems auditing”. The specific requirements for e-Stewards auditor qualification include:red of e-Stewards auditors assure audits will be effective and the results reliable across the certification program.


  • Being fully qualified as an ISO 14001 auditor.
  • Completion of a BAN designated e-Stewards auditor training course, currently provided by SAI Global training division.
  • Continuing education requirements for an auditor refresher training course approved by BAN, every 36 months following completion of the initial training.