Policies & Procedures

The e-Stewards certification program is the highest electronics certification standard and is compliant with international laws, including the Basel Convention. To ensure certified recyclers remain in compliance with the Standard and in good standing in the e-Stewards certification program, there are additional policies and procedures to follow.

Critical Non-Conformity

Critical Non-Conformity is a category of serious non-conformities outside the normal set of identified Management System Non-Conformities defined by certifying bodies. This category involves BAN directly in the identification and/or corrective actions required, and may involve suspending, withholding or withdrawing the e-Stewards Recycler license. Download the Critical Non-Conformity document here. 

Website Listing Policy

Once recyclers are in a contract with an e-Stewards accredited certifying body, they are eligible to be added to the e-Stewards website as contracted and in-process of certification. However, to remain on the website, the recycler must continue to make forward progress in the certification process to remain on the website. Download our Website Listing Policy here.