Laws Affecting Asset Disposition

There are many laws affecting asset disposition, and they differ from state to state in the US. Disposing of e-waste in landfills is illegal in nineteen US states, and thirty-five US states have or are considering e-wastes laws. The EU states also follow stringent guidelines for electronic asset disposition.

Stiff penalties for breaking local and international laws can affect both your brand and bottom line. If your e-waste is mismanaged and pollutes the environment in the US, there is no statute of limitations for the government collecting recompense for violations— violators are found, charged and prosecuted no matter how much time has passed.

Remember to keep updated on the ever-changing legislature governing how companies dispose, recycle and take-back their electronic products to protect your organization. Fortunately, certified e-Stewards recyclers follow all local and international recycling laws to give you peace of mind for your asset disposition.