Why Choose e-Stewards International?

Why should you choose e-Stewards International for your asset disposition? Our recyclers follow the e-Stewards Standard, the highest standard in the world for electronics recycling. When you choose e-Stewards recyclers, you’ll:


  • Secure Your Data

Every hard drive, every memory device, must be erased according to the strictest standards in the world. But security also depends upon disciplined chain-of-custody, inventory control, and records keeping. e-Stewards recyclers are audited for their performance of data erasure and their end-to-end security processes.


  • Demonstrate Sustainability

e-Stewards reuse as much as possible, recycling only as a last resort.  Use of landfills and incineration are restricted. Exports for recycling/dumping in developing countries are not permitted. When recycling becomes inevitable, e-Stewards do it responsibly, with full regard for the environment and worker safety.


  • Protect Against Risk

The e-Stewards Standard is the most accountable recycling certification in the world, ensuring that e-Stewards customers are minimizing their risk from data breach, compliance with relevant laws, and environmental damage.


  • Support Your Brand

Media attention on illicit recycling in developing countries has galvanized consumers—and employees—to appreciate organizations that manage their electronics responsibly. E-Stewards is the only electronics recycling certification with the endorsement of major environmental organizations such as Sierra Club and Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).


  • Reduce Costs

Rigorous e-Stewards auditing can reduce a company’s vendor management burden by reducing the need for onsite audits. e-Stewards are accountable not only for how electronics are managed within their own facilities, but also downstream to final disposition.  Auditors employed by independent certifying bodies are thoroughly trained to evaluate recycler compliance with the e-Stewards Standard.


Do the right thing for the environment and the bottom line: become an e-Stewards Enterprise.