What’s E-Waste?

E-waste stands for electronic waste, and is what your company generates when you dispose of electronic assets such as servers, monitors, copiers, computers, etc. Some assets can be refurbished and used again, but if your assets are broken and aren't repairable or are severely outdated, they become another addition to a growing new waste stream: e-waste.

E-waste is filled with toxins such as mercury, lead, cadmium and PCB’s. Old CRT computer monitors can contain up to ten pounds of lead. It is illegal in nineteen states in the US to dump e-waste in landfills, and support is growing internationally for legislation to govern the safe, ethical and responsible disposition and recycling of e-waste. Legislation already exists prohibiting the illegal export of hazardous electronic waste (HEWs) to developing nations.

Companies need to understand the risks associated with electronic asset disposition and protect themselves, and the environment, from the many negative impacts of improper disposition. Learn more here >